Discourse driven by analyzing data and stats helped in the grade inflation crackdown

posted Jun 24, 2017, 12:53 AM by Prashant Bhattacharji
This score inflation and assessment quality discussion this summer, is the beauty of opening up basic data and stats. And this is why I say that the RTI is a terrible law. Most of that data should be open, online and anonymously accessible to everyone. Folk from TV news channels, reporters, data analysts etc. everyone can scrutinize that data and make organizations behave themselves automatically.

In fact I'd even say that RTI was architected to hide data and to send out a clear signal that people will be killed for asking the wrong questions. Almost 60 RTI activists killed, because you can't access data anonymously. Even with the demonetization tamasha - if note exchange data had been dashboarded and monitored right from day one, bank managers wouldn't have dared to launder at the scale they did, for fear of being caught.
Coming to this specific case, the babu running CBSE is having a very difficult summer. Getting slammed on a daily basis this year. Either dragged to the court or being lynched by the media or attacked by someone in the central or state government ;-) And now that the Times of India has decided to track them literally on a daily basis, may God bless them.
First for inflating, then for not inflating, sometimes for the MBBS medical entrance, sometimes for school exams, marking snafus, totalling errors and now for a panic stricken statement that they will hold exams in February from the next year, to get more time for proper correction. And the latest basket of tomatoes thrown at them is a contempt of court case for making a statement out of mere frustration. Actually most of what is now tumbling out is a consequence of the inflation crackdown. Student deserving 75, carelessly awarded 65 and bumped up to 80, didn't really need to complain in the past.

The 90+ band in the ISC examination has also seen a noticeable withdrawal, particularly in English. And remember - this is while marks have still been inflated.
Makes one wonder how sobering the real results are.

Meanwhile, let's see how this crackdown on score and pass-rate inflation is playing out. A nice visualization of crashing pass rates in Quint.