Learning Resources - Wonderful, affordable teaching aids for Primary Schools

posted Jan 15, 2018, 8:40 PM by Prashant Bhattacharji   [ updated Jan 10, 2019, 2:59 AM ]
Our family runs a small primary school in Meerut, UP (India). 
We have a lot of laptops but not enough space for a full fledged computer room, so I wanted a different way to introduce computational thinking. 

And then I discovered this little programmable mouse by Learning Resources! 
It has 6 buttons on it. The mouse is "programmed" to follow a path by entering a sequence of instructions via the buttons, which correspond to start, forward, backwards, left, right. stop. 

There is also a very nice maze which can be setup - and the mouse can be programmed to follow a path which leads it to a piece of cheese. 

YouTube Video

The iBlocks programmable robot is another very useful medium to introduce computational thinking and the basics of loops, conditionals and sensor-handling. 
This requires the installation of mobile or tablet apps which have their own toy programming language for specifying steps, loops, conditions. 
For instance - a robot can be programmed to respond in a specific way if it touches something like a wall. 

Kids thrilled with the iBlocks Robot

Learning Resources has also made it possible for us to purchase spinners, packets of dice as well as two-counters. 
These are useful tools for teaching Mathematics in a hands on way - and introducing topics like probability and fractions. 

Tangrams are another great way to improve spatial and geometric skills of kids in a hands on manner. 
Kids right from class 1 to 5 had a great time with these. 

All said and done, Learning Resources was a great way to aquire material for hands on activities. The bulk of the things we purchased were from there. 
Sometimes, there are shipping delays as the items are shipped to India from abroad. But that is fine. There is no tearing hurry. 
A few useful resources like these, and a certain amount of minimalism in the chosen books and curriculum, can make a world of difference. 

It can actually make school somewhat enjoyable for the students.