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Address:C/O HQ 2 MTN DIV C/O 99 APO Phone Num: STD Code:0374 PhNo: 2388864 , Fax:2388308 

Email:[email protected], Website: 

The school is affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Various details about the school are listed below - contact information, academic facilities and statistics based on academic performance based on whatever data is available online. The Affiliation Code is 230019.

An Analysis of Class 12 Board exam results of 2016

A summary of results in the AISSCE class 12 board exams conducted by CBSE in March 2016.

Stream Wise Averages

Subject Wise Averages in some of the major subjects

Performance Statistics at a glance:

Average Percentage Score:76.675
Median Percentage Score:79.3
Highest Percentage Score:82.4
Percentage of Class Scoring 80% and above:0.0
Stream Wise Performance
Science - Avg %Score:76.675
Comprehensive Subject-Wise Performance
ENGLISH CORE - Avg % Score:86.3
PHYSICS - Avg % Score:68.1
CHEMISTRY - Avg % Score:73.4
BIOLOGY - Avg % Score:83.3
AGGREGATE - Avg % Score:76.7
MATHEMATICS - Avg % Score:58.0

The statistics presented above are indicative of the academic standards of the school. This information will also give you an idea about the streams offered by the school and the subjects available as electives. Overall percentage scores have been computed using the five-subject average. In case a candidate appeared for a sixth subject, we use the first language + best 4 subjects. All-India Statistics: As this chart shows only about a quarter of the candidates scored an aggregate above 80% nation-wide. About 7.7% scored above 90% and about 1% scored above 95%. Approximately half scored below 70%.

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A Summary of the academic performance in Class 12 exams, in the period 2014-2016

 Year Average Aggregate (Five Subjects) 
 CBSE-2016  76.675
 CBSE-2014  62.3

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School details, facilities and Contact information (phone, fax, email, website) as listed on the CBSE school portal

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