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School Code:1012

District Code:16

This school is affiliated to the Uttar Pradesh State Board - Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad. Here's a listing of schools in SHAHARANPUR, ordered by their academic performance in the board exams of UP Board Class 12 Intermediate examination(Higher Secondary Examination), March 2016.

Here is a performance analysis of students from this school, in the Class 12 UP Board Examinations (Intermediate exam) of March 2016.
This performance is indicative of the academic standards of the school.

Stream Wise Averages

Subject Wise Averages

Performance Statistics at a glance. The idea is to focus on the overall performance, rather than just the toppers:

Average Percentage Score:57.6
Median Percentage Score:57.2
Percentage of Class Scoring 80% and above:0.22
Stream Wise Performance
AGRI-1 - Average Score:52.69
HUMANITIES - Average Score:49.92
SCIENCE - Average Score:61.14
AGRI-2 - Average Score:65.89
Subject-Wise Performance
AGRI PHY&CLIMAT - Average Score:61.69
AGRONOMY FIRST - Average Score:65.95
AGRI BOTANY - Average Score:55.63
AGRI ENGINERING - Average Score:63.75
AG MATH&EL STAT - Average Score:17.64
GENERAL HINDI - Average Score:59.61
ENGLISH - Average Score:49.0
BOOK KEEP&ACCT - Average Score:45.99
BUSI ORG&CRPND - Average Score:58.05
MATH& ELE STATS - Average Score:29.0
BANKING - Average Score:49.93
HISTORY - Average Score:47.37
CIVICS - Average Score:45.26
DRAWING DESIGN - Average Score:55.08
GEOGRAPHY - Average Score:53.19
ECONOMICS - Average Score:50.0
SOCIOLOGY - Average Score:57.11
MATHEMATICS - Average Score:56.09
PHYSICS - Average Score:67.4
CHEMISTRY - Average Score:62.68
BIOLOGY - Average Score:69.71
AGRONOMY SIXTH - Average Score:70.16
AGRI ECONOMICS - Average Score:34.28
AGRI ZOOLOGY - Average Score:76.99
ANIML HUSBANDRY - Average Score:70.38
AGRI CHEMISTRY - Average Score:58.6
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