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Here is a performance analysis of students from this school, in the Class 12 UP Board Examinations (Intermediate exam) of March 2016.

Average Percentage Score:65.3
Median Percentage Score:65.8
Percentage of Class Scoring 80% and above:3.38
Stream Wise Performance
VOCATIONAL - Average Score:73.34
HUMANITIES - Average Score:58.78
SCIENCE - Average Score:69.5
Subject-Wise Performance
GENERAL HINDI - Average Score:71.51
ENGLISH - Average Score:60.56
VOC G FOND SUBJ - Average Score:48.57
VOC FD&FT PRESE - Average Score:584.0
HINDI - Average Score:52.73
HISTORY - Average Score:37.83
CIVICS - Average Score:47.0
COMPUTER - Average Score:80.06
SANSKRIT - Average Score:44.08
DRAWING TECHNCL - Average Score:67.28
GEOGRAPHY - Average Score:66.88
ECONOMICS - Average Score:69.36
BOOK KEEP&ACCT - Average Score:59.36
BUSI ORG&CRPND - Average Score:54.42
BANKING - Average Score:61.65
CHEMISTRY - Average Score:67.16
PHYSICS - Average Score:62.83
BIOLOGY - Average Score:74.3
MATHEMATICS - Average Score:71.36
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