Aviation Gallery : Boeing Factory Tour ( Pics from Summer 2009 )

posted Sep 1, 2011, 2:49 AM by Prashant Bhattacharji   [ updated Sep 1, 2011, 3:14 AM ]

Clicks from the Boeing Fields in Seattle - ( Summer 2009 ). Boeing has its manufacturing and assembly facility in Everett, WA. There is a museum - and you can also do a factory tour. You aren't really allowed to click photographs inside the museum - or on the tour. The buildings where the aircraft are assembled have a record for being the largest ( volume wise ) in the world. And it actually rains inside the buildings.

787_dreamliner       Dream_lifter

a)The 787 Dream Liner. A long range, mid size, twin engine and wide-body airliner. This was still being tested in those days ( 2009 ). This was the first 787. After years of delay, this is now finally up in the sky ( First customer: Japan Airlines, 2011 ). Consumes less fuel and constructed with lighter composite materials. Also, has redesigned interiors to negate the feelings of Jet Lag.
b)The Dream Lifter - An "expanded" 747-type aircraft, which is used to carry the airliner body parts from Asian countries to Seattle for assembly.
c)Inside the Boeing Museum. Lots to see, for an aviation enthusiast. Cross sections of Engines, old propeller aircraft and a flight simulator as well. 

The competition between Boeing and Airbus Industrie is rather intense now. This makes it all the more interesting to see the kind of new aircraft which both of them have been coming up with in recent years. A380, 787 dream liner, 747-800.