The First Boeing 747 and Air Force One - ( The Museum of Flight - Part III )

posted Sep 7, 2011, 10:34 PM by Prashant Bhattacharji
The first flight ready Boeing 747

Boeing 747

 Left to Right : Two pictures of the first flight ready 747 ; the first Air Force One

Some more pictures from the Museum of Flight ( December 2007 ). The first 747 was rolled out of the Everett Factory in 1968 and had its first test flight in 1969. It is named after the City of Everett. The names scribbled right under the cockpit window are the names of the first pilots : Jack Waddell, Jess Wallick and Brien Wygle. I remember Air India 747s had the same coloring pattern. I was happy to see the first version of the plane which has flown me quite a few transatlantic flights. There is definitely something much grander about the 4-engine aircraft which is missing in the exteriors of the twin-engine 777. The 747-400 was a major improvement to the 747 and was released in the mid eighties. This had wing improvements and could fly non stop without re-fuelling across the Pacific. To some extent, its development was triggered by the dangerous conditons faced by passenger planes refueling in the Tenerife islands in the middle of the Pacific, which even lead to a serious collision which killed over 550 people. The 747-400 is the only series still in production.

The First Air Force One

This was a Boeing 707. Nowadays the Air Force One is a Boeing 747-200 and is the subject of many Hollywood creations.