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Being prepared for college level writing

How Can You Be Prepared for College Writing?

Becoming a college student is something that one cannot get fully ready to, as it envisages a lot of challenges to be thrown at you. For example, college level writing is way harder than the one that you were used to in high school.  As a matter of fact, any high school vs college comparison of experiences will tell you that being a college student is a tall order. When you’re in high school, you might write what you want. Indeed, the teachers’ task is to actually teach you to express your thoughts. Meanwhile, when it comes to college writing you have to able to not only say what you want but also convince others in your rightness. This article will explain to you how high school writing differs from college papers and how to get yourself ready for the writing endeavors of higher institutions of education.

Get Ready for Editing

When you are still a high school student, you, probably, are not that familiar with what editing is. Imagine yourself submitting a paper that you’ve been working on for the entire week and then the teacher brings it back with the comments regarding the parts that he or she did not like. If you fail to correct those parts by, for example, tomorrow you will fail the paper. So, if you want to be ready for college writing, make sure that you can rewrite a paper in almost no time. However, this is a proper way of developing your creativeness and the flexibility of your thinking patterns. 

Learn to Defend

In college, you will surely have to rewrite your papers a lot of times. Nonetheless, this is definitely not the end of the way. You will have to defend your paper in front of the class, especially if it is an argumentative essay. Of course, you can write an essay without any help, but you can also use services like Paperell to have a bit of a grasp on what a college essay should look like. Defending your argument is as important as stating it out loud. As a matter of fact, it can be even more important given that college, unlike high school, gets yourself ready for debates that you might have in real life.

Bring on the Sources

Remember writing that careless high school essays about your summer vacation, your favorite pet or your biggest inspiration. Forget about it. Now, there is no more room for made-up statements and watery arguments. Now, all the information that you use must live up to the standards of the institutions that may call themselves the best colleges for writing. You have to cite all the outside information that you used in your paper, otherwise, it will be regarded as plagiarized and you will fail the course.

Prepare a Thesis

Remember me saying that you will have to defend an argument. Well, here’s a tip for you: your argument shall be enclosed within your thesis statement. What is a thesis statement you ask? This the last or the two last sentences of your introduction. Every essay service that you may contact for getting a bit of help with your college writing will tell you that having a powerful and debatable essay is truly important to writing a good paper.

Analyze or Summarize the Article

There are those special types of papers that you will have to write in college, and here are some tips on what not to do when you’ll embark on them. It is quite probable that the professor will ask you to summarize or analyze an article or any other peculiar reading. Don’t you ever rewrite an article because it will be a gross mistake. Even when it comes to summarizing a reading, you have to do it in your own words to actually show that you have been reading it.

Researching is not Simply Reading

Next on, we move to the research papers, which will be the hardest part of your writing life in college. First of all, research papers require a lot of time to be devoted to reading and analyzing the material. Sometimes, the professor will give you everything you need, but there would also be cases when you will have to search for the reading materials yourself. Secondly, writing a research paper requires conducting practical research. For example, if you study sociology, you might need to conduct a sociological survey on your campus and only then, based on the results of the survey, embark upon writing the very paper.

Wrap Up

College writing differs a lot from the papers that you had to write in high school. Of course, high school papers also require a lot of creativity and thinking, but what college papers are all about is following the rules while simultaneously breaking them. Yes, this is quite a dandling task, but you will cope with it if you ready to devote your time to research, analysis, and interpretation of the information that you will work with. You have to be able to process large amounts of information within a short span of time as this is how a college gets you ready for adult life.