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College Admission Timeline and Smart Tips

College Admission Timeline and Smart Tips

Now you are a senior in high school and you must start thinking seriously about your college application. You need to decide whether or not you will continue your education with a college degree at university. Attending college is a very enriching educational experience which is essential for becoming a well-shaped adult with strong career prospects. During your college years, you will be able to gain deep knowledge of the study field you choose. Experienced educators and professors will share their knowledge, skills, and experience in shaping your mind for your future. 

College admission is an essential threshold in the life of any teenager. It is a stressful, yet exciting experience. There are many documents, interviews, and applications that you need to fulfill with optimal results in order to be accepted to the top school you choose.  Luckily, you can boost your admission chances by being smart about respecting all admission deadlines and finishing all the necessary steps early ahead of the other candidates. The experienced professors and educators from advice future students to attend a summer school to understand the college requirements better and get a clear view of what their college experience will look like. Understanding the college environment better can help them write an admission written essay that encompasses everything the college admission officers want to see in a future student. 

Continue reading to learn more about  the college admission timeline and some smart tips that will help you 

Summer vacation before high school senior year 

The summer vacation before your last year at high school is an essential period for the next few years of your life. Now, you must make your choice regarding which school you will go to after graduating from high school

The summer holiday is a great opportunity for you to make your list of colleges, visit the ones that are on the top of your list, and decide on the best one for your college years. Luckily, you can take advantage of the opportunity of attending a summer school in order to get an introduction to what studying at that college is going to be like. 

 Summer schools offer an optimal learning environment that stimulates students’ minds and enhances their passion for learning. During summer school, you will experience education with complex and enriching curricula which will be very helpful for choosing the best college degree suitable for your future career prospects and field of interest. 

During the summer vacation before your high school senior year, you can also meet a guidance counselor who will offer you support in figuring out the best choices for college and future career. Also, you can ask for the guidance of your parents in terms of why you aspire to go to college and how they will support you financially to do it. Now, you and your parents should also start saving for college fees and taxes. You should consider getting a part-time job during summer and talk to your parents to help you open a bank account for your savings. 


This period is the time when you need to start creating a calendar with all the relevant information such as applications, deadlines, essays, grades, and the recommendations you have gathered while attending a summer school or after your discussion with a guidance counselor. If you are seeking for early acceptance in order to improve your chances for college admission, during the august month you need to review all the special requirements and deadlines necessary for this type of admission. 

You need to take the preliminary SAT which is the standardized entrance exam for college. The SAT Subject exams can also be very important for your college application if you master a certain subject very well. 

One of the most essential parts of your college application is represented by the letters of recommendations that you include in your application. The letters need to be written by at least one or two of your professors who will be able to show why you are the best candidate. The letters need to tell how much you have excelled academically during high school and to point out all the strengths that recommend you as a strong college admission candidate. 

Writing your essay is one of the most vital steps for the admission process. First of all, you must consider the fact that you should start writing it early ahead to formulate it perfectly. College admission officers will be able to determine who has spent months on formulating their essays and who wrote them the night before the application deadline. An essay written very carefully and with plenty of time of reflection beforehand will certainly stand out. 

By now you should have an idea of the schools that you are going to apply to. It is time to start completing the necessary documents and finish writing your essay. You can ask your high school teachers to go through your essay and your application and offer you feedback on how to improve them. 

December- February 

Now it is the time when students must start submitting their applications to the schools they want to apply to. Ensure that you don’t miss the deadline for your college application because most schools have set their deadline for December.  

After you have written your application essay, have the letters from your professors, and passed your final tests, make sure that the test scores have arrived at the schools you want to apply to.  

The financial aid is another vital part of the admission. Students who apply for a college degree must apply for Federal Student Aid. Explore and decide on the scholarships offered. 

February- May 

February is probably the most stressful period of the admission process because it is the month when students will receive the letters of acceptance from their new school. 

Once you know the colleges where your applications have been accepted, you need to make your final decision regarding where you will continue your education after graduating from high school. After you make your decision, make sure you let the other colleges know about your choice. After your high school graduation, make sure your final transcript is sent to the college where you will be studying since next year. 

The last step before you officially become a college student is to register for classes. Ask older students for their advice and choose the courses that interest you the most.