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The Top Colleges for Arts

These are largely traditional BA programs in well known colleges, with a traditional curriculum with a bit of flexibility (not much).

The well known names for BA programs, in no specific order, are:

St. Stephen's College in Delhi

Very high cut-offs, often exceeding 95%. Their programs for Economics, English, History are extremely coveted spots.
Apart from a cut-off score based on the Class 12 CBSE/ISC results, they also hold a personal interview and a written test.
A large number of politicians, lawyers and Civil servants have emerged from the portals of St. Stephen's in Delhi.
The college does have a large portion of seats reserved for Christians, which makes it very hard for the open category candidates.

Hindu College in Delhi (DU North Campus)

A very well known college, second only to St. Stephen's in the eyes of many. 
A list of famous alumni, great teachers and a historic legacy.
There is a rather primordial rivalry with St. Stephen's college!

Lady Sri Ram in Delhi

Only for girls. Aung Sang Su Ki is an alum of LSR. Admission is strictly based on Class 12 board examination scores.
They offer programs in English, History, Political Science. Psychology, Philosophy etc. They also offer professionally aligned courses such as Journalism.
The admission process is extremely competitive, with ever rising cut-offs.

Christ Church College and Mount Carmel in Bangalore

If you're willing to go to Bangalore, these are well well regarded colleges specially for Arts and Humanities. There is an added advantage of being in Bangalore. It is a city with a plethora of options for entertainment. meet-ups, internships and part-time jobs.

IIT Madras HSEE Program (5 year MA programs in English, Development Studies or Economics)

This program has approximately 40 seats. This is available to everyone - Science, Commerce, Humanities students.
There is an MCQ test with questions in English, basic mathematics, social studies and environmental science. 
Candidates also need to write an essay. There are some benefits to this program being offered in an IIT. Humanities can be studied keeping in mind the perspectives of a technology driven world. Electives from other areas are also available. Career options post this program may include a PhD in Social Science or Language; Civil Services or roles in NGOs.