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Basic Data Structures in Ruby - Quick Sort

Programming With Ruby

Quick Sort

The Quick Sort is a popular sorting algorithm, which has been discussed in detail, with examples and C code over here : Arrays and Sorting: Quick Sort ( with C Program source code). In this tutorial, we will take a quick look at the ruby implementation of Quick Sort.

def quickSort(arr,from,to)
    return if from >= to    
    pivot = arr[from]
    i = from
    for j in (1+from)
        if arr[j] < pivot
            i = i + 1
            temp = arr[i]
            arr[i] = arr[j]
            arr[j] = temp

puts "Sorted Array Using Quick Sort:"
quickSort(original_array,0,original_array.length - 1)
p original_array

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Basic Data Structures With Ruby