Merge Sort Algorithm - Java Applet Visualization

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 An example of Merge Sort : Scroll down to see the Java Applet Visualization at the bottom of the page.

Merge Sort :

This is a "divide and conquer" technique . 
The array is split into two halves . Both the halves are sorted independently . 
And then they are merged . This idea is recursively applied to the two sub-arrays
as well .

mergeSort(startIndex , endIndex)
halfMark = startIndex + (endIndex-startIndex)/2 

// Merge the two sorted halves in linear time 

void merge(int lo, int m, int hi)
    int i, j, k;
    int b[] = new int[arraySize];
    for (i=lo; i<=hi; i++)
    i=lo; j=m+1; k=lo;
    while (i<=m && j<=hi)
        if (b[i]<=b[j])
    while (i<=m)

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