Moorland School Limited in Lancashire: School Info, GCSE/GCE Results

School Information

School NameMoorland School Limited
StreetRibblesdale Avenue
PostCodeBB7 2JA
Telephone Number01200 423833
Secondary Level?Yes
16+ ?Yes
School TypeIndependent School Other Independent School

GCSE Result Analysis for 2015-2016: Key Stage 4

Percentage of overall entries with A* or A grades, across all subjects is 9.05

Academic performance in GCSE Key Stage 4 examinations. Percentage of students scoring A and A* grades in major subjects

School performance in GCSE Key Stage 4 standard examinations. Percentage of students scoring (A and A*) and range (A*-C)

SubjectEntries% achieving A and A*% achieving A*-C
SchoolWithin TownNationwideSchoolWithin TownNationwide
Mathematics3414.7120.5313.6867.6570.32 66.68
Office Technology333.0316.3819.5148.4862.08 59.58
Religious Studies336.0629.9122.5157.5871.89 65.3
Biology2015.044.4827.3475.091.47 83.6
French140.025.1410.6750.070.48 62.4
Physical Education/Sports Studies147.1418.1511.9578.5768.55 63.6
History137.6927.7718.0261.5466.53 57.05
Science (Core)130.06.834.5438.4655.37 49.58
Media/Film/Tv Studies120.016.7711.9758.3367.33 58.69
Physics1127.2744.3226.2490.9191.29 83.16
Chemistry1020.044.4726.42100.090.65 84.93
Geography90.025.7614.0788.8966.73 53.26
Art & Design812.522.010.1962.575.16 63.54
Catering Studies825.011.384.2375.058.79 36.62