The Excel Academy in Stoke-on-Trent: School Info, GCSE/GCE Results

School Information

School NameThe Excel Academy
StreetMilton Road
LocalitySneyd Green
PostCodeST1 6LG
Telephone Number01782 882700
DenominationDoes not apply
Secondary Level?Yes
16+ ?No
School TypeAcademy Academy - Converter Mainstream

GCSE Result Analysis for 2015-2016: Key Stage 4

Percentage of overall entries with A* or A grades, across all subjects is 6.65

Academic performance in GCSE Key Stage 4 examinations. Percentage of students scoring A and A* grades in major subjects

School performance in GCSE Key Stage 4 standard examinations. Percentage of students scoring (A and A*) and range (A*-C)

SubjectEntries% achieving A and A*% achieving A*-C
SchoolWithin TownNationwideSchoolWithin TownNationwide
Mathematics1397.9120.5313.6868.3570.32 66.68
English Literature1388.720.9713.9473.9171.57 63.98
Religious Studies1132.6529.9122.5144.2571.89 65.3
English Language880.017.4914.1143.1873.18 69.38
History763.9527.7718.0238.1666.53 57.05
Science (Core)680.06.834.5447.0655.37 49.58
Art & Design666.0622.010.1998.4875.16 63.54
Spanish626.4528.4521.1493.5571.2 74.86
Additional Science550.010.685.6140.060.86 53.52
Information & Communications Technology4814.5820.1916.197.9267.39 64.12
Additional Applied Science450.00.640.028.81
Geography3616.6725.7614.0763.8966.73 53.26
D&T Food Technology320.017.9413.5118.7561.46 50.58
Art & Design (Photography)3016.6720.5311.11100.077.5 65.66
Physical Education/Sports Studies2520.018.1511.9580.068.55 63.6
Biology2420.8344.4827.3475.091.47 83.6
Physics2416.6744.3226.2458.3391.29 83.16
Chemistry2218.1844.4726.4268.1890.65 84.93
Media/Film/Tv Studies219.5216.7711.9757.1467.33 58.69
Art & Design (Textiles)90.021.5518.75100.078.22 68.75
D&T Graphic Products70.017.630.014.2958.48 27.37