Thomas Knyvett College in Surrey: School Info, GCSE/GCE Results

School Information

School NameThomas Knyvett College
StreetStanwell Road
PostCodeTW15 3DU
Telephone Number01784 243824
Secondary Level?Yes
16+ ?No
School TypeAcademy Academy - Converter Mainstream

GCSE Result Analysis for 2015-2016: Key Stage 4

Percentage of overall entries with A* or A grades, across all subjects is 14.83

Academic performance in GCSE Key Stage 4 examinations. Percentage of students scoring A and A* grades in major subjects

School performance in GCSE Key Stage 4 standard examinations. Percentage of students scoring (A and A*) and range (A*-C)

SubjectEntries% achieving A and A*% achieving A*-C
SchoolWithin TownNationwideSchoolWithin TownNationwide
English Language10020.017.4914.1162.073.18 69.38
English Literature10013.020.9713.9457.071.57 63.98
Religious Studies8920.2229.9122.5155.0671.89 65.3
Science (Core)610.06.834.5462.355.37 49.58
History4610.8727.7718.0247.8366.53 57.05
Additional Science452.2210.685.6177.7860.86 53.52
Catering Studies352.8611.384.2337.1458.79 36.62
Geography3514.2925.7614.0760.066.73 53.26
Mathematics340.020.5313.680.070.32 66.68
Biology2532.044.4827.34100.091.47 83.6
Chemistry2552.044.4726.42100.090.65 84.93
Physical Education/Sports Studies2516.018.1511.9572.068.55 63.6
Physics2552.044.3226.2496.091.29 83.16
Art & Design (Fine Art)244.1726.7413.6441.6778.03 75.76
French2010.025.1410.6745.070.48 62.4
Spanish2025.028.4521.1455.071.2 74.86
D&T Resistant Materials185.5614.457.5944.4457.14 46.84
Drama & Theatre Studies170.022.521.1141.1873.02 58.89
D&T Textiles Technology1118.1827.2531.3145.4572.67 77.78