Test your English Online: Articles (Quiz #1)


This is a small, online quiz to help you assess your learning of the language.

Fill up the appropriate articles (a/an/the) in the blanks. 

Your answers should be filled up in the answer submission form on the right. 

When you submit your answers, your score will be emailed at the ID filled up by you.

Example: I am going to buy __ soap.
Answer to be filled up in the box: a

Example: I am going to buy __ apple.
Answer to be filled up in the box: an

Example: I am going to  __  grocery store.
Answer to be filled up in the box: the


1. ___ Sun rises in the East.

2. I need to get myself __ book from the library.

3. I will travel to Hyderabad __ Thursday after next.

4. She runs  __  marathon every other weekend.

5. He had __ Apple for breakfast.

6. __ banana peel was lying 

7. The President hopes that bipartisan leadership on a new commission led by two of ___ nation’s pre-eminent election lawyers, will yield results.

8. The last half-decade was ___ fallow period for takeovers.

9. __ unusual event has occurred.

10. __ ordeal awaits me, once I get back home.

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