The Best Gifts a Storyteller Can Gift Himself

The Storytelling Gift Guide

Even if you are not celebrating any holidays, you can always celebrate your storytelling efforts by giving yourself a treat! Fancy notebooks and pens are a relic of the past, this time we want to consider something more interesting: picking a new medium or genre! Give it chance and maybe this will bring you inspiration and new vision.

Storytelling pack

In this pack, you will find a gear to help you stay on track and develop your essay writing skills as well as learn about other mediums.

  • Wonderbook

This is one of the best books on writing and an illustrated storytelling guide. This book is tailored to inspire creativity and challenge you to think about something you haven’t. If you are going to give yourself only one present a year, then you should stop on this one.

  • Novel Planner

Even if you are not a novelist, this planner is a great tool for writers since it helps you focus on your storytelling goals and writing as a part of your life.

  • Fitbit

Writers should invest not only in books but also in fitness. This tool reminds you to stand up and move, encourages you to take long walks (which are perfect for brainstorming ideas) and wakes you up gently.

  • The Grapes of Wrath

This book by John Steinbeck requires time and consideration, but even if you are not fond of long and complicated reading, you should start with this one. It is slow but absolutely wonderful in revealing things you didn’t know before.

Prose pack

  • On Writing

If you are interested in writing fiction literature, then this book by Stephen King is essential. Even if you are not fond of Stephen King, this book is about writing craft and it is amazing.

  • Bird by Bird

This is another book about the craft of writing stories that offers long-lasting advice. Professional writers recommend it as one of the best manuals for storytellers.

  • Chess Story

This one is an enjoyable novel by Stefan Zweig and a great example of how to write a good character study text in a short period of time. Despite the level of simplicity and length, this novel has a great potential as a tool to boost your creativity.

Screenwriting pack

  • Adventures in the Screen Trade

This book by William Goldman is the perfect start for those who are interested in screenwriting. You won’t find any boring rules there, just perfect lessons on the craft with real examples of scripts.

  • Writing the Pilot

This book is essential for screenwriters who want to learn how to write for television. Television writing is different from novels and other narratives. This book articulates why some shows are successful and the others are not, so you will get some analytical skills to determine whether new shows will last long or not.

  • Adaption

If you want to write movie stories, you have to go far beyond reading scripts and watching movies. Read this book by Charlie Kauffman, a master of visuals that support stories, and see the peculiarities of this craft from within.

Video games pack

  • Rules of Play

This is a timeless book on video game writing and something that will surprise you once you will see how the technology and games are changing with time.

  • Steam account

Video games writing doesn’t come without video games playing. Steam account is free, so you should have one to find games (especially older ones at low prices). The following games can be easily found there.

  • Portal 2

You won’t miss anything skipping to Portal 2 without playing the first part of the game, moreover, the second one is better for the new players, because it comes without quick shooting. Use a Steam account to download it there.

  • The Last of Us

Unfortunately, this one is not available on computers, but it is a great introduction to the third-person games. There you will find perfect graphics and amazing narrative, so it is worth a try for sure. Especially, if you like zombie-apocalyptic stories.

  • Bioshock

If you think that no video game can compete literature, then you should try playing Bioshock. This game is influenced by Atlas Shrugged and reveals a breathtaking story of the city underwater. If you are not a fan of fight in games, you may choose the “easy” mode and enjoy a beautiful narrative.

Hopefully, we have provided enough ideas to help you engage with new mediums and entertained. Choose the gifts from the list that suit you best and don’t wait for a holiday to come – celebrate your writing self when you feel like that.