The Future is Here: Entering the Imagination Age

Technology and Imagination Age

According to the recent report from the World Economic Forum, approximately 65% of jobs which will be done by elementary school students in the near future do not exist at the moment. Many traditional jobs will become obsolete and technological automation, as one of the key factors, will change how we see the world and how we operate in it. Creative jobs painters, singers, authors and even essay writers will be much in demand among creative people.

Rita J. King is a futurist who initiated a theory which states that we are entering an imagination age. It comes after the information age which we live in at the moment. Adding imagination to technology is what will help us develop in whatever field we work in.

Automatization and Creativity

The successful end result of whatever we are doing is the aim of anything we deal with, so knowing how to optimize the process is the key in the competition which becomes tougher with time. Recently, the report made by the McKinsey Global Institute stated that according to their predictions, a great number of jobs which involve data collection and data processing will be automated.

If the job can be done by the machine, there is no need to waste valuable human resources to perform tasks which can be successfully done by the technological means. Meanwhile, the human beings will be able to concentrate more on intellectual and creative activities which cannot be done by the machines.

Call for Educational Reform

We live in the fast-paced digital and technological world, but what holds us back is the education system which develops slower. Nowadays, schooling system maintains standards which were followed during an industrial era.

We are going through an information age and we are speedily entering an imagination age. The education sphere needs to keep up with the current trends and in order to have an economic value, the emphasis should be put on those subjects which develop creativity and imagination.

Dealing with the Misconceptions

There is a popular point of view in our society that you are either creative or not. Obviously, someone may be more talented and can paint a better picture than someone else can. It is also normal that a person has stronger mathematical abilities than other people of his age and of a similar background. However, skills which help find a creative solution to whatever problem is on the way can be developed in any person. Imagination and creativity are inborn features which can be enhanced and cultivated.

The well-known notion which says that an actual thing that we can, for example, hold in hand was initially an idea in someone’s mind. In our rapidly developing technological world, applying our creativity in new technologies becomes in demand more than ever and using our imagination is the way to go for better and exciting future.