Top Writing Tools All College Students Should Use

Turning your essay into a masterpiece can be a complicated and time-consuming task. You need to have excellent writing skills, enough time, and experience in this niche to create a winning essay to get the highest grade and grab the attention of the targeted audience. However, obstacles exist to overcome them. If handled properly, you can easily tackle that challenge, and create a superb essay, deserving the best possible grade.

Sometimes, experience in the area of writing is not enough to create a superb essay. The modern world is continually evolving; new digital tools that make writing easier hit the market regularly. In this post, we will review the most effective tools that can help make your writing easier. Moreover, they can help boost productivity and make your essays more informative.

Spell Check

It is really hard to overestimate the importance of spell check tools. is one of such tools that you can use to ensure your work is free from mistakes. It’s a powerful tool that provides spell checking functionality. You shouldn’t spend your precious time downloading and installing the program. You only need to open the website and insert your text into a corresponding field. Wait a little bit, and you’ll see all misspelled words highlighted in a different color. Moreover, the software also suggests how to fix all your errors.


Essay writing requires creativity. To grab the reader's attention, you need to be as creative as possible. Therefore you need to check what vocabulary to use to make your essays engaging and informative. OneLook is a perfect solution in this case. This tool helps choose vocabulary wisely. The main goal of this service is to make words sound less repetitive. There's a dictionary tool that allows you to choose the right word. Moreover, there's a reverse dictionary and thesaurus that you can use to make your language more colorful. 

Overall, OneLook is a game-changer for those studying English as a second language. Or maybe you want to broaden your outlook and improve vocabulary.


You can't submit your essay until you double-check it through Grammarly, a powerful resource that can help you sound more professionally. Today, it's one of the best online grammar checkers that helps eliminate grammar mistakes and improve your essay's quality. Grammarly is an all in one tool; you can use it to catch grammar mistakes, improve spelling, and make your writing clear and more effective. It's a digital swinging tool that allows you to ensure your essay doesn't include mistakes. There's a free version and a paid subscription plan. A free version has limited functionality (it shows only general mistakes). But if you deal with writing on an ongoing basis, you simply can't do without Grammarly Pro. With this powerful tool, you'll make sure your piece of writing is free from mistakes.

Word Counter

It is clear that when you get a task to write an essay, your tutor also assigns a topic and the average length of your essay or college paper. Therefore, you simply can't do without an online tool that you can use to count sentences, characters, paragraphs, and pages. Moreover, Word Counter also checks grammar and spelling mistakes. For checking your paper, you either need to insert your article into the Word Counter or type it directly on the site. The website will check if you meet the general guidelines. 

Stay Focused

Exciting essays aren't only about good writing skills. You also need to stay focused and organized. Otherwise, you can be a victim of procrastination. This is where the use of Stay Focused might come in handy. It's a superb add-on extension that helps you stay focused while working on your task. It doesn't influence your writing skills, but it allows you to complete your work on time. This tool enhances your productivity because it limits the time you spend browsing the web. It blocks websites that distract your attention and enables you to focus on your urgent task. As a result, you'll complete your task faster.


Do you know what the most challenging thing is? Planning your essay and outlining all the ideas! Coogle can help you be more organized! It’s a mind-making tool that can help draft your thoughts. 

You know that when writing your essays, you need to follow a specific structure. Any college paper is an academic piece of writing that needs to be organized and formatted correctly. Simply put, you need to know what aspects should be included in the first, second, and all the next paragraphs. Thanks to its flow-chart option, you can organize complex ideas and plan all the processes. 

The most significant benefit of this tool is that it doesn’t require downloading. It also allows you to make cool presentations and create a comprehensive plan before immersing yourself in writing.

Essay writing is not as difficult as it seems to be at a glance, but you can be more productive when using powerful digital tools. Use our pieces of advice, and you’ll never face any difficulties related to this task!