Electromagnetism Part 2: More examples, solved problems and Quizzes related to Electromagnetism,Magnetic dipoles, Induction, Induced EMF

In this tutorial, we have a few more interesting problems related to Electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism Part 2:  Electromagnetism,Magnetic dipoles, Induction, Induced EMF - More examples and solved problems.

Target Audience: High School Students, College Freshmen and Sophomores, students preparing for the International Baccalaureate (IB), AP Physics B, AP Physics C, A Level, Singapore/GCE A-Level; 

Class 11/12 students in India preparing for ISC/CBSE and Entrance Examinations like the IIT-JEE/AIEEE Anyone else who needs this Tutorial as a reference!

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Here's a quick look at some of the problems covered in this tutorial :

Most of these are standard questions which have appeared quite often in examinations and tests. Some of these are from the Indian National Physics Olympiad tests.


Q: An electron revolving around a proton in a circular orbit in a circular orbit of diameter 1A0 . If it produces a magnetic filed of 14W b/m2 , find the angular velocity of the electron.

Q: A very small circular loop of area 5 × 10−4 m2 , resistance 2 ohm and negligible self inductance was initially coplanar and concentric with a much larger fixed circular loop of radius 0.1m. A constant current of 1.0A is passed through the bigger loop. The smaller loop is rotated with constant angular velocity of ωrad/s about it’s diameter. Calculate the (a) induced e.m.f and (b) induced current through the smaller loop as a function of time.

Q: A sliding conducting bar of mass m and resistance R is released from rest. It starts sliding due to the current drawn from battery of emf ξ, in a steady inward magnetic field. Find the variation of it’s speed with time. Also find the terminal speed of the bar.

Q: A square loop of side 1m is placed in a perpendicular magnetic field. Half of the area of the loop lies inside the magnetic field. A battery of e.m.f 10V and negligible internal resistance is connected in a loop. The magnetic field changes with time according to the relation B = (0.01 − 2t) Tesla. Find the resultant e.m.f of the circuit.

Q: What is the self-inductance if a system of co-axial cables carrying current in opposite directions as shown? The radii are a andb respectively and length is l.

Q: A conducting rod AB of length l is rotating anti-clockwise about one of it’s edges A with angular velocity ω. There is a constant magnetic field of magnitude B into the plane of rotation. Find the e.m.f induced across the ends of the rod.

Q: A coil having N turns is wound in the form of a spiral of inner radius a and outer radius b. When a current I passes through the coil, the magnetic induction at the center is ..

Q: Obtain the expression for the magnetic moment associated with a solenoid of length L and number of turns per unit length N carrying current I. The inner and outer radii are r1 and r2 resp.

Complete Tutorial with problems and solutions (After going through the tutorial, try out our MCQ Quizzes at the end of this page):

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