An interesting activity! A visit to the zoo (Gyankriti School)

An email on the Gyankriti School group, forwarded very kindly by their founder, Yograj. 
It describes how a visit to the zoo can be structured into an excellent learning session for primary kids. 
School trips are a critical part of learning. 


Today all the students went for a tour of the Indore Zoo.

Problem: During the tour of various places in past our students have seen broken or worn out display boards and it was very difficult to know the details of the venue or the items there. They observed the same thing at Indore Zoo. Despite of so many renovation work going on at the zoo there is no proper way to get information of the animals. Similarly the blind people can't get any information.

Brainstorming the solution:
We discussed this problem with the Grade1-3 students and encouraged them to find a solution of this problem. While we were brainstorming, the students came to realize that their own student radio channel on youtube (Gyanvaani) can be put to some good use for this task. They then linked this to easily accessible paytm QR code at each shop.

The students have good experience of making audio and video presentations. They recently made video presentation as as follow up assignment of Maheshwar Trip.

Solution proposed: Then 6 students of Grade1, 2, and 3 met the Indore Zoo curator, Mr. Nihar Parulkar and proposed their plan of making audio tour of Indore Zoo. The students will record description of zoo animals in Hindi & English. The audio tours will be available on any mobile phone by simply scanning a QR code near all the animals. The Zoo Curator was delighted to hear this idea from students and immediately talked to his superiors at Indore Municipal Corporation. The IMC has accepted the proposal of students and very soon Indore will hear the guided tour in our student's voice at the zoo. Isn't that fabulous?

Ab Indore Zoo bhi banega no. 1

Do check these photos and videos

Students talking to the Zoo Curator -

Photos of the Zoo tour -

Video presentation made by students on the Maheshwar Fort -

Gyankriti's Video on the Maheshwar Fort