Notes from someone who homeschooled his children!

The NIOS (Open school, permits home-schooling) is an underutilized gem in India. Yes, this is the "open-school" system,
where students can take class 10 and 12 board examinations without being enrolled in a formal school. 
However, we seldom find students or parents who have tried out this system. 

One such parent, shared his experience with us. He took his family far from the madding crowds and lives in the hinterlands. 

This is something the internet could revolutionize and change forever. 

I have been staying away from the mundane world for sometime. Kind of retirement place. And it's in the hinterlands.
We have homeschooled our children. I dont believe in providing children with fake information.
One is an Engineer and one is a Doctor. Successfully completed their studies and are doing well in their jobs.
You can apply for the board exams. There is no restriction.
At present, the parents are sheeple who want their children to just succeed academically. They have forgotten to seek out all round development of the children.
Children are very receptive and they are like sponges. If you truly can understand the children's psychology..its easy to sit with like them as seek out what interests them.
A child needs freedom to explore his surroundings in his or her formative years. They should develop a sense of curiosity about what's happening around them. 
Never force them to do something they dislike. If we want to hone their skills..we should start doing things and soon that will get the attention of the kids. 
Once they start to show interest..they start asking questions. Once the questions are answered to their understanding and satisfaction, gently prod them to give their opinions. 
Keep track of their development. They also need to respect the balance of the nature. They need to look at the stars in the sky in the night. They need to feel the gentle breeze and clouds. 
They need to experiment with the elements. They need to understand what compassion is about the other creations on this planet. 
The child who can grow in such set up will tend to grow as a complete human being.
Every experience is different. There are no benchmarks. I am not rich. My father was a ranking Officer and we moved across the land in our formative years. 
He was a sincere officer. We just had three pairs of clothes and we all slept on the floor. 
Both my parents came from reputed families but they left that reputation behind and we stayed incognito. 
We learnt things hard way.