Hyderabad Airport and Around - Planespotting from the Go-Karting track

One evening in September(2012 - this year) I went with a friend of mine to do some idle planspotting and clicking at Hyderabad Airport.
Managed to get a few nice clicks. It isn't so easy to click pictures of the airport building however due to a lot of security. There is a pretty nice go-karting track next to the airport.

Closer View ... Jet Airways

Pictures of the Go-Karting track at Hyderabad Airport

Go karting Track, Hyderabad Airport Go karting Track at Hyderabad Airport
Colored Flags - Go karting Track at Hyderabad Airport

Clicking Planes as they take off from Hyderabad Airport

A Jet Airways 737 and Propeller Aircraft (ATR?)  taking off 

Jet Airways Plane take off from Hyderabad Airport Hyderabad Airport
Hyderabad Airport


An Air India Airbus takes off

Air India plane takes off

Air Traffic Control Tower at Hyderabad Airport :

 Planespotting - Hyderabad Airport