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Top ICSE-ISC Schools in Vishakhapatnam

Top ICSE-ISC Schools in Vishakhapatnam based on marks of the ISC-2015 Class 12 Exam 

These schools are affiliated to the CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations).
Students appear for the ICSE Exam at the end of Class 10 and the ISC Examination at the end of Class 12.
These are the average board exam marks in (English + Best 3 subjects) in the ISC 2015 examination for Class 12.
Schools with an average exceeding 80% or so are among the best in the country.

A General Note about Schools in Vizag 

The state board has a very large number of takers, though the elite schools are affiliated to ISC and CBSE board. There are also some new and upcoming private and international schools. Many students aspiring to study abroad after Class 12, move into the international schools after class 10.  Many ICSE schools offer the option to drop Science and study Commerce, right from Class 9.  

ICSE-ISC and CBSE have a rather similar curriculum, though ISC and ICSE have a more rigorous curriculum for the compulsory English paper. Shakespeare is introduced early on and students are required to write detailed and descriptive answers. At the Class 10 level, ICSE has an internal assessment of at least 20% in most subjects. This assessment is based on projects and practical work. A wide variety of subjects are available as electives. For example, Commerce, Economics, Computer Applications, Art, Environmental Science, Technical Drawing. There were a total of 60 subjects (which includes a large number of Indian and foreign languages) at ICSE 2016. In Class 11, there is a focus on speaking and listening skills as well. Differences between the two boards are more noticeable till Class 10, after which the focus and style converges.

A note on these tabulations.

These tabulations are completely objective and based on academic averages alone. These do not account for the varying levels of effort that schools have to put in due to their remote locations and the challenges that they face in educating students from a spectrum of socio-economic backgrounds. And so, this report is not necessarily and indicator on what the school's input is the development of the student: with the limited data that we have (only academic) it is hard to segment what component of the annual performance can be attributed to the student's socio-economic and home background, and what component can be attributed to the quality of education imparted in the school.

Scores in ISC-2015 Class 12 Exam:

School NameAvg. (Eng.+best 3)Candidates

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