Advanced concepts in Electrostatics and Electromagnetism (Theory) - Co-ordinate Systems and Vector Calculus, Electric and Magnetic Fields in matter, Electrodynamics
An Introduction to Center of Mass and Collisions
An Introduction to Modern Physics
An Introduction to Sound
Electromagnetism - Part 1: Theory and Definitions - Lorentz force, Biot-Savart Law, Ampere’s Force Law, Electromagnetic Induction, Self and Mutual Induction
Electromagnetism Part 2: More examples, solved problems and Quizzes related to Electromagnetism,Magnetic dipoles, Induction, Induced EMF
Electrostatics Part 1: Theory, definitions and solved problems - Coulomb’s law, Principle of Superposition, Electric Field Intensity, Electrostatic Potential, Electric Dipole, Capacitors and Capacitance
Electrostatics - Part 2: More examples, problems with solutions, MCQ Quizzes - related to Capacitance, Electric Flux, Electrostatic Potential
Fluid Mechanics - Pressure Variation with Height , Pascal, Archimedes, Bernouilli's and Torricelli's Principles
Light: The Basics of Reflection, Some Interesting Problems and an MCQ Quiz
Light: The Basics of Refraction
More Challenging Problems on Reflection and Refraction
More on Vectors, Rectilinear and Projectile Motion - with Figures, Examples, Solved Problems and MCQ Quizzes
Newton's Laws of Motion - with Examples, Problems, Solutions and Visualizations
Optics and Optical Instruments
Physics : Visualizations
Projectile Motion
Rotational Dynamics - with Problems -Angular Position, Displacement, Velocity, Momentum, Acceleration; Moment of Inertia
Simple Harmonic Motion- with Examples, Problems, Visuals, MCQ Quiz Questions- Force Law, Pendulums, Phase, Amplitude, Damped Oscillations
Vectors; Rectilinear and Projectile Motion - A Introductory Tutorial with Examples, Solutions and MCQ Quizzes; Cartesian and Polar systems
Wave Motion
Work, Force, Energy - Work-Energy Theorem; Conservative, Non-Conservative Forces; Springs; Gravitational Potential Energy
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