Bret Harte Elementary School: Academic Ranking and State-Wide Decile Rating

Ranking information for Bret Harte Elementary School
School Code: 6011910
District: Burbank Unified School District
This is a Non-Charter school. It has been categorized as "Elementary school" based on the grades it offers.

School Ranking data for 2016. The best attainable rank is 10/10.

Statewide Rank 2016:  7/10   

Statewide Rank 2015:  1/10   

Students Rank 2016:  7/10   

Students Rank 2015:  1/10   
These are decile ranks presented on a scale of 10 primarily to help parents and students objectively assess the performance of a school.
State ranks compare all schools on the same scale.
Student ranks are decile rankings which are equivalents of "similar school" ranks of the past. These compare schools catering to similar demographics. The Student Rank is a decile rank indicating a comparative review score within that cohort of similar schools.

Dark blue = 2016 rank, light blue = 2015 rank

These are decile ranks presented on a scale of 10. Student ranks are the equivalent of "similar school" ranks of the past and compare schools which cater to similar demographics.
The number of valid test-takers from this school was 332.

This annual review and rating/ranking information for California schools is based on data obtained by the website of the California Charter schools association. Academic rating or ranking information for schools is released in several countries to help drive greater transparency and accountability in their school systems.

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